Thursday, February 24, 2011

TAG! You're it!

My dear friend Brandie over at The Country Cook, has just tagged me in a game going around the blogosphere! You may remember a similar game we all played as kids... Tag... I hated that game. Lol! I was always the slowest, and was constantly "It". But this is a version I can totally get on board with, so here are the 9 questions I have been tagged to answer, and I get to tag some people of my own choosing! AHAHA!! (Imagine an evil laugh inserted here hehe!)

1.What do you refuse to eat?
Pork rinds... Seriously, fried pork fat. How gross is that?
2. What is the most ethnic dish you have ever made?
Hmmm... Well probably Breakfast Burritos. We live so close to the border and let me tell you they are truly ethnic and AMAZING! Either that or Gyros, which were so so, I used to love them as a kid but I wasn't as impressed with the homemade.
3. Salt or Sweet?
Both! Give me a bag of pretzels mixed with a bag of M&M's and I'm the happiest girl EVER!
4. What kitchen gadget can you not live without?
Oooo... Just one? Honestly... Probably my coffee maker. Ha! For those who don't know I drink close to a whole pot a day.
5. Last restaurant you ate at?
Actually dined at? Texas Roadhouse. But last one I got food from, Panda Express.
6. Where would you like to live if you could move anywhere in the world?
Paris, France. I loved it when I visited there in high school, and would love to spend more time there. Eating my way through the country sounds heavenly!
7. What is your blog about?
Homecooked meals, my hope is to bring more families to the dinner table to eat together, and to make kid friendly meals that please every palate.
8. Do you have pets?
Nope, we're all allergic to most animals. :-(
9. What’s the last city you visited?
Wellton, AZ. Never heard of it? That's cus it's tiny ;-)
And now for my Tags!
Holli from Shih's Cooking
Tag!! You're it! Now it's your turn to answer these questions!

The Farmers Wife

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! How fun is this game? I love finding out more info on all the bloggers I enjoy reading too!

  2. So glad the game is are funny, and I can totally agree on some of your answers!

  3. I love this tag game! I've really enjoyed reading about others. Love your last restaurant comment... so true, we "get food out" frequently, but don't actually "dine" out all that often! And I'm with you on the pork rind...

  4. Love to read the Tag, it makes me feel little closer to all my foodie friends! Wishing you a great weekend :)

  5. I am with you on the caffeine - how would I get through my day?!?!
    Great answers (especially the sweet and - and I loved getting to know you more :)

  6. Thanks everyone! It was fun to play THIS version of tag! It's been fun to read everyone else's answers to these questions too, and get to know each other just a little bit better!


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