Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey all, I just wanted to say I'm sorry if you got my last post through feedburner and it came through weird. I am honestly not sure why this happened, but it is fixed now! Thanks!

The Farmers Wife
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  1. Bread Machine Magic is my favorite cooking book!! I've used it so much it's actually in several pieces, taped back together. Have you tried the Garlic rolls? They are a family favorite!!
    I haven't tried this one, though I do remember seeing it... will have to give it a go!!

  2. Kim, Oh I know!!Mine is falling apart, but I just love it! I think the cake is called something else in the book, but I typed it from memory as some little child in my house made the book disappear... lol! I have tried the Garlic rolls, they are AMAZING!!! One of our favorites! Did you know they made a second book with even more recipes? I don't have it, but my Mother In Law does. Have a great Sunday!


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